Kastro Hotel Spetses


Spetses is a small island opposite the outer-most tip of Argolis at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf. Along its coastline you will find a vast amount of amazing beaches and a beautiful pine forest that covers all of its low hills up to the sea. At the Northeast coast of the island lies the traditional settlement of Pittyosa, which means “pine-covered” (pittys means pine), with its yards layered with rocks and decorated with flowers. You can still see the famed local shipyards (tarsanas) that still operate in the Old Harbor area. According to the prevailing etymology the present name derived from the Venetian Isola di Spezzie, which means “island of the aromatic plants.”

The circulation of private automobiles is prohibited anywhere on the island. Transportation takes place by busses, taxi or horse-drawn carriages which are also offered for romantic rides along the beach in the city.

Spetses, favoured for its geographic location and the immeasurable beauty of its natural and cultural environments, has developed into a cosmopolitan tourist destination for visitors with high expectations. It’s an ideal place for short or long vacation stops throughout the year. Access to the island is possible by ship (from Piraeus) or by car by driving through Peloponnesus up to Kosta Beach in Argolis and from there you get to the island by a short boat ride.

Activities: Spetses is suitable for walking and biking. You can also visit the Mpoumpoulina Museum, the Spetses Museum “Chatzigianni Mexi”, the church of Saint Nikolas, the small church of Virgin Mary of Armata (Chariots) near the lighthouse, the grounds of the historical Anargyrios and Korgialeneos School/Faculty, the Kapodistrian Intellectual Roof and the impressive cave of Bekiri.



Kastro Hotel is 300m from the port and the center of Spetses.

  • In a walking distance you will find
  • Coffee shops, restaurants, bars. 300m
  • Center Beach Agios Mamas 500m
  • Bouboulina Museum 200m
  • Spetses Museum “Hatzigiannis Mexis” 800m
  • Organized beach “Kaiki” 1kil
  • Bus stop that goes to beaches (Kaiki, Ligoneri, Vrellos) 100m
  • Bus stop that goes to beaches ( Xilokeriza, Anargiri, Paraskevi)500m
  • Old port 2kil.